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Weather Report for Monday 19th up until Sunday 25th November

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Weather Report for Honiton and surrounding areas.
Last week starting Monday 19th November up until Sunday 25th November 2018 saw the following reports.
Monday again came around (so quick these days) to a clear and colder new week, a touch of frost in places after it cleared up with a few bright spells.
Some cloud moved in later in the day with the odd light shower.
Feeling very much colder now in the Easterly breeze.
Maximum temperature of 9°C
A partly cloudy to start Tuesday and it stayed like this for most of the day although some showers came along in the brisk easterly wind.
Feeling more colder now than of late so no double figures of temperature so maximum temperatures were around 5°C and tops of 7°C but it felt like 2°C or some would say 'it's freezing'
A 'Clearish' start to the middle of the week, some frosty bits around but soon cleared for some brightness to come through but on the minus side, there were some showers lurking around some on the heavy side.
Still chilly but the wind has eased a little and again feeling colder than the maximum temperature of 9°C
Not so chilly to get Thursday going but a frost in a few places, not as bad as yesterday morning.
Staying mainly dry with some winter sunshine.
Some passing cloud later in the afternoon
Maximum temperature of 10°C and it felt a little warmer than of late.
Then came the last day of the week with a very wet story. Heavy rain with a weather warning issued, heavy downpours pursued for most of the day and into the evening, Localised flooding in various places. Did you get caught out in those downpours?
Damp and mild to end the week with a maximum temperature of 11°C.

So off we went into the weekend with Saturday which continued much the same as the day before, wet and windy with heavy downpours, if you got caught out in one of these downpours you were soaked within seconds.
A maximum temperature of around 11°C.    
Sunday was quieter hardly any wind and feeling milder again some brightness at times getting to feel a little cooler as the day went by     Currently, some mist or fog lying around especially on the lower ground otherwise a little drier today.
Some brighter spells came along although it's felt cooler in the slight breeze.
A maximum temperature of 9°C although around Honiton Towers it never got above 7°C
The outlook for the week beginning Monday 26th November 2018.
As we enter the new week we will see a change towards milder weather and by Wednesday at least it will become wet and windy by the influence of a westerly airflow.
'Batten down the hatches' it's going to get 'drafty'   something to do with 'Storm Diana'!
Until the next time have a good week everyone,
Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy,
The Weather Man from Honiton
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