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Weather Report for Monday 4th March up until Sunday 10th March

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Weather Report for Honiton and surrounding areas.
Last week starting Monday 4th March up until Sunday 10th March 2019 saw the following reports.
Monday saw a clear but windy start to the new week, some blustery showers came along unexpected, and when they did you got drenched!
Brighter spells developed as we went through Monday but we still saw those blustery showers from time to time.
A maximum temperature of 10°C.
Another cold chilly start to Tuesday, but after a while, the cloud bubbled and it started raining again. Strong winds with persistent heavy rain continued and along the coasts, the wind got up to gale force.
A maximum temperature of 12°C so stayed indoors and made up my mixture of flour, salt, eggs, milk, butter, 'Pancake Day, how many did you eat?
Wednesday continued with heavy showers and some high winds again.
Brighter spells came in between the scattered showers but those showers at times were on the heavy side.
A maximum temperature of 13°C.
Partly cloudy with some light rain to got Thursday going.
As the morning progressed more in the way of those heavy showers coming in across the region with some more high winds, some brighter spells turned up in between and a maximum temperature of 10°C so a colder feel to this day.
A chilly start to the last day of the week some brightness followed.
As we went through the day the cloud returned with outbreaks of rain or drizzle at times.
Again a chilly day with a maximum temperature of 10°C.
Saturday seemed to sum up most of this week, some brightness some 'sprinkles' but feeling a little warmer, not so gusty but still windy all the same and the barometer on the rise, good things to come?
A weather warning was issued for Strong Winds on Sunday and again things were flying around the garden again.
Partly cloudy although we saw some bright spells throughout the day but the strong wind kept the temperature down to around 11°C when the sun shone.
The outlook for the week beginning Monday 11th March 2019.
The outlook for the week beginning Monday 11th March 2019.
A brief spell of dry, bright weather beginning of the week but after that, it's back to unsettled conditions.
Strong winds again and always with bands of rain or showers.
Any clear skies at night will see a drop in temperature so look out for a frost in places.
Until the next time have a good week everyone,
Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy,
The Weather Man from Honiton
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Do not base important decisions on these weather station readings or data, they are given as a indication only.
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