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Weather Report For Monday 7th January up until Sunday 13th January

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Weather Report for Honiton and surrounding areas.
Last week starting Monday 7th January up until Sunday 12th January 2019 saw the following reports.
Another cloudy start for Monday some drizzle at times where the cloud became thicker otherwise, it's stayed on the dry side and with a slight breeze.
A maximum temperature of 10°C or in a nutshell 'Dull and Boring'
Tuesday started on the clear and bright side and feeling chilly in the North Easterly wind.
Some winter sunshine around later in the day and by late afternoon the wind had eased a little.   
A maximum temperature of 8°C so feeling colder now and the 'Press' having a field day around rumours about another 'Beast from the East' More on this at the end of the report.
Wednesday saw some frosty areas to start with a chilly wind but in the sunshine, it felt very pleasant.
It stayed mainly dry throughout the day with a maximum temperature of only 6°C, a different change to the temps!   
So if the days are clear and bright is usually goes by the rule during the winter period that a frost overnight is expected and that's what Thursday saw first thing.
It was clear and bright start with some of that winter sunshine.
This for most of the day although cloud rolled in and some places saw drizzle at times.
A maximum temperature of 6°C again.
Friday was all change again, dull and cloudy mainly although the cloud thickened and gave us some 'sprinkles' of rain.
Feeling a little warmer than of late with a maximum temperature of 10°C.
Here came the weekend and Saturday saw a cloudy start with a few 'sprinkles' of rain.
It got drier as we went through Saturday.
The wind started to pick up and feeling mild again.
Sunday was a cloudy one again with some drizzle or light rain carrying on from the night before into the morning.
Stayed cloudy for most of the day but some winter sunshine showed up in the morning.
Stayed dry but the wind was very noticeable, staying mild and both days this weekend saw a maximum temperature of 11°C.
The outlook for the week beginning Monday 14th January 2019.
This week coming should see a dry spell for most although some rain later in the week cannot be ruled out.
Staying on the windy side still mild for the time of year and expect some frost early mornings.   
As we draw nearer to the weekend high pressure that is centred over the southwest of the UK may begin to slip away southwards allowing a colder Atlantic flow to develop, this is the one to watch, more 'Beast from the East'?  we'll have to wait and see.
Until the next time have a good week everyone,
Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy,
The Weather Man from Honiton
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