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Weather Reports for Monday 22nd October up until Sunday 28th October 2018

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Weather Report for Honiton and surrounding areas.
The week starting Monday 22th October up until Sunday 28th October 2018 saw the following reports
Monday started with some drizzle but became dry although there was  a heavy dew.
Sunny spells along as the day unfolded and at times some cloud bubbling up otherwise it was a nice day with a maximum temperature of 13°C, not quite as high as the weekend just gone, which was a nice one.
Tuesday was mostly cloudy but had mist or foggy patches around in low lying areas started off in the morning
Stayed mainly dry through much of the day with some sunshine.
The winds picking up a little, so out of the breeze it felt warm with a maximum temperature of 15°C.
Wednesday was a cooler one although some mist lingered in the lower areas.
It was another dry and warmish day with sunny spells, cloudy at times.
Maximum temperature of 17°C on this day, it reminded us of previous days gone by.
Thursday was another dry, partly cloudy although the sunshine did break through at times
Temperatures started to come down  so only a maximum temperature of 13° recorded here at Honiton Towers.
Expect most of you noticed the Sunsets that found their way onto the Social Media scene and the Moon at night which was a lovely glow in the night sky.
End of the week came with cloudy conditions and some rain with it, a few scattered showers around with outbreaks of sunshine and feeling a lot colder
Temperatures going down now so the highest was around 10°C, newspapers threatening Snow to come! (Some places in the North did have their first flurries of Snow brrrr)   

Into the weekend and it was wrap up warm time, heating on, warm coats, jackets and scarfs to the ready.
So a touch of frost first thing stayed mainly dry with some autumn sunshine.
Cloudy skies came later with a few showers.
Feeling colder in the brisk wind.
Maximum temperature of 10°C, only reached 8° here at Honiton Towers.
Expected to find a frost on Sunday morning but it was a partly cloudy day with a little sunshine at times with some showers as well but the wind kept the temperature down
Maximum temperature of 9°C with a clear night to follow.
For the week beginning Monday 29th October
The week starts with some dry days with more sunshine. Cloud coming in by the middle of the week and some spells of heavy rain, so changeable and turning breezy at times.  Temperatures will gradually recover to near normal for November but generally unsettled outlook is likely
Until the next time have a good week everyone, enjoy your Halloween..... I boo believe in ghosts! I boo, I boo, I boo!
Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy,
The Weather Man from Honiton
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2018-10-28 18:13:54
Nice weather report

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