BloomSky Weather

This Weather station is situated in my garden.
First set up on the 26 December 2015.
It gives me an insight on what weather conditions are coming next.
As from July 24th 2016 I brought my BloomSky Weather Station on line, it's showing 'DewPoint' 'Humidity' 'UV' and 'Pressure' and also shows a picture of the current weather conditions, see under Weather Wunderground IHONITON7/webcam.
As From 1/04/2017 Bloomsky's new Storm has now come on line showing 'Real Time UV'  'Rainfall'  
'Wind Speed & Direction' 

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Weather station showing 'DewPoint' 'Humidity' 'UV' and 'Pressure' also showing a picture of the current weather conditions. 

Watch BloomSky Promotion Video, best seen as full page.
Look out for my weather buzz... did you see it?

TimeLapse Video from